Valentine's baby Julia Nusser is inviting you to a fabulous birthday exhibition on 14 February.
The show is brought together with a nod to the book “Paul takes the Form of a Mortal Girl” by Andrea Lawlor) where a shapeshifter named Paul can modify his bodily features to be more masc or fem presenting. In the story, Paul enters environments that are heavily binary-coded, from a female-only music festival to a gay leather club. Paul constantly feels included and excluded based on his appearance. His inner monologue is soaked with imposter syndrome and an inexhaustible desire of belonging. His fluidity in gender and sexuality leads him through a deep archive of queer struggle and pleasure.

The artists showing and performing are friends who had a shoulder for Julia to cry on, took part in philosophizing about further plans in life, and were visitors at the residency flat that has become so dear to her.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Schweizerischen Botschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Pro Helvetia
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