60 Miles is a jazz trio from Switzerland playing his own music.
The three musicians Nicolas Gerber (piano), André Hahne (bass) and Johan Wermeille (drums), after working together in various projects for many years, wanted to assert their complicity in a more complete form: thus was born the trio 60 Milesand their first record « …Ou à raison ». So were also born a range of aesthetic questions and new inspirations, opening up the field to new fertile, creative horizons. « …Ou à raison » is as much a statement as a question, as much a result as a new start.
Consisting of original compositions arranged by the band, the trio's repertoire is inspired by the innovative rhythmic orientations emerged in recent years in jazz. 60 Miles is therefore at the crossroads between rereading of classic jazz and a bolder explorations, between affirmation of tradition and questioning, between the culture of know-how and bringing into permanent danger.

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